ZID Theater

ZID Theater – Community Art & Performance Center
ZID connects art, culture and society by deploying creative talent as an engine for positive change.

ZID Theater – Community Arts & Performance Center is a cultural organisation based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The company was founded by theater makers Karolina Spaić and Sebo Bakker in 1992. ZID makes theater productions together with local residents and professionals and is active in the field of community arts, cultural participation and talent development.

ZID operates from Amsterdam on a local, national and international level. Currently, ZID Theater participates in the European project Caravan Next which is a four year, large-scale European (EU) collaborative project with 14 countries. With a focus on “Social Community Theater”, the aim is to develop and exchange knowledge and skills. Previously, ZID has toured in Europe, South America, the United States and Morocco with various performances and projects.

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