Maureen Nahumury

By bringing different techniques together in one design, the product becomes richer and more layered. Tactility is a strong presence in her work.

Some of her designs are fashion and interior-oriented, for residential or contract (hotels, offices, public spaces, healthcare and retail), motifs for interior fabrics, a hand-screened collection of wallpaper and tiles. 
Organic forms, motifs from nature, architecture, clashing colours and all in an eclectic mix where anything goes. Or simple lines and shapes where shades of colour play the leading role. This is also reflected in her illustrations, paintings and graphic design.

She also advices on the best materials and digital printing techniques that are beautiful, functional and sustainable, which ensures a surprising end result!

*DPNA is an acronym for DIAPUNYA. This means in Ambonese; it's hers, it's his, it's yours!

Let's meet and greet!
Sneak peek @studio
Shadow view
Screenprint backsplash tiles
Structure and tactile
Black bruches
Soft brush hoodie
Tropical raglan sweater