Clary Stolte

My work can be best described as ‘object research painting projects’. Which means a precise research of material properties and behaviour that leads to minimal, but at the same time extreme interventions. I use both traditional artistic materials (paint, mediums) and industrial or ephemeral materials (plastic, acrylic polymer emulsions, epoxy, tape, wax, soap, sugar, hair gel, shampoo) drawn from everyday domestic and commercial worlds in the making of my paintings, drawings and installations. I am interested in the dialogue between the space and my work. The painting in the space leads to questions such as: how does a painting relate to the wall, the room, the architecture? Most of all I want to communicate the fun and play involved in making my work.


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Plastic Fantastic (room), stretched plastic / Soft Space, Haarlem (nl)
NIVEA, outside installation view, Nivea creme on window / Spaceburo, Antwerp (be)
Transparencydensity, invisible tape on wooden frame (24x24cm)