Brigitte de Langen

photo / graphic artist

The work of Brigitte de Langen is quiet, tactile and aesthetic and at the same time confrontational and intriguing. She zooms in on her subject, shows details and gathers information. Her eye for detail, traces, memories, attention, making the unseen and the forgotten seen, these are important elements in her work.
Her work often has a repetitive character.  De Langen studied photography at the St. Joost Academy in Breda. She lives and works in Amsterdam.



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from Tempus Silens - Thread Box -
from Tempus Silens - Light Shielding Paper in Box -
Tempus Silens exhibited in Ballum, Ameland (november 2018)
from Night Shading - # NS 0779 -
from Night Shading - # NS 0440 -
from Covered - nr. 3 -
from Threadworks - I was being picked -