As a reaction on all the (unwritten) rules within the art world, Marnix Postma and Peim van der Sloot founded POCO LOCO. 
An including collective, where you are part of before you realize it. They like to call it an anarchistic space, which takes a different form as every new opportunity rises or, better yet, gets created. 

18.04.2019 - 19:00 - De Bouwput - POCO LOCO invites:

Tim Wunderink lets the viewer rediscover the material by artistic deformation of an object. The colourful objects are the result of a process of discovery but are not contrived by coincidence. As an artist Wunderink has the controle over the material, the idea and the shape.

Jarle Veldman reacts as a designer to the excess of existing products. The products in his collection are a direct translation of the different possible functions these excess products could fulfil. A cardboard box becomes a table, a pallet becomes a sofa. Visual elements of different products are incorporated into a new design and functions are no longer defined but are open for interpretation.

In the works ‘Monday’, ‘Tuesday’ and ‘Wednesday’ Fadenka van der Sloot takes a good hard look at her choice of profession. For her important subjects are translatable into poetic as well as humouristic concepts. Where in ‘Monday’ litter and waste take a central position, ‘Tuesday’ winks at the DHL employee, with a new company name ‘Troost’. Well thought of choices in her visual language create an ambivalent world wherein she reaches out to her surroundings with her personal experiences.

Bring your Thursday anthem and drop it at the DJ as entrance