NEW ///// BOUW magazine '74'

NEW ///// BOUW magazine '74'

We are proud to announce the launch of ‘74’ the new magazine of Broedplaats BOUW that was initiated by BOUW resident and artist Clary Stolte, who invited graphic designer Carolina Aboarrage; hence the conception and editing has developed:

Issue #1 is here!

‘74’ is named after the common space of Broedplaats BOUW, de BOUWPUT, which is located at number 74 and is initiated by BOUW residents and artists Peim van der Sloot and Marnix Postma.

The first issue of ‘74’ is an introduction to the studios of various artists and designers of Broedplaats BOUW. The contributors present themselves with a sample of their work and is accompanied by the introduction text of Rianne Zijderveld of Miraki Agency.

Come celebrate the launch of the first issue at the BOUW Open Air event on Friday June 21 at Broedplaats BOUW from 5 – 11 pm, the launch of ’74’ will be from 5 – 5.30 pm


Many special thanks to:

The Board of Broedplaats BOUW for the opportunity

All contributors of issue #1

and to:

Deimion van der Sloot -

Marnix Postma -

Carolina Aboarrage -

Clary Stolte -

Sander van Asseldonk -

Meraki Agency -


74 magazine Broedplaats BOUW
74 magazine Broedplaats BOUW
74 magazine Broedplaats BOUW
74 magazine Broedplaats BOUW