Meraki Booklaunch - De↯Bouwput

Meraky Agency presents: 

Movements — Lorena van Bunningen
The pleasure of being almost present — Patrick van Vliet
99 — Peim van der Sloot 
Lic-Hamo — Degann

29 —  03
17.00 - 22.00  launch party!

30/31 —  03   
11.00 - 16.00 

adress: DE BOUWPUT, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 74, 1061HW Amsterdam

The index program is an annual program in which artists are stimulated by means of the conversation to make an analysis of their artistic practice. The result is converted into an experiment in printed matter.

The program is an initiative of Meraki Agency. An artist-led organization that focuses on the emancipation of the artist / designer. By providing guidance on an individual basis in the analysis of the practice, the writing of applications and biographies, and the stimulation of knowledge sharing.

De Book launch will be hosted by DE BOUWPUT, the gallery and communal space of Broedplaats BOUW, which is a self regulated, artist-run building in Amsterdam. DE BOUWPUT is an initiative of Peim van der Sloot and Marnix Postma. More information about the space:

About the publications:

Movements, Lorena van Bunningen

The publication Movements by Lorena van Bunningen is a documentation of a series of fragments from a long process in which different compositions, made with the same elements, play the leading role. The search was not about the result, but about the movement that takes place in creating, ‘being ongoing’.

The pleasure of being almost present, Patrick van Vliet

Like no other country, the Dutch are masters of zoning. We cultivate and organise the landscape. Likewise, the Dutch landscape changes it's inhabitants. They have to deal with the kind of landscape they created. It's the constructed landscape versus the free Dutch mindset that make a truly interesting playground. Are we still in charge of our own urbanization acts or does our drive for efficiency blind our view of a more liveable place? It's questions like these that make the social engineering perspective an important theme in the work of Patrick van Vliet. The publication 'The pleasure of being almost present’ shows a cross-section of the work of the artist.

99, Peim van der Sloot

For this book, Peim van der Sloot has developed 99 new propositions to re-define the value of the work and the position of the artist in this old fashioned system.
He encourages artists and arts organizations to attempt to create alternative micro-economies. These propositions are about art not as an input for productivity, or luxury made possible by economic growth, but rather as a new way to set the terms on which exchange in the economy takes place.The light-hearted and humorous propositions are up for different interpretations or combinations, but always carry a serious undertone, that stake out a new, more useful position for art in society. 

Lic-Hamo, Degann

"It is July 18, 1995. Wednesday afternoon. I am six years old. The Tour de France has reached the Col de Portet d'Aspet pass. The TV is on. The cyclists descend, but one of them never reaches the finish. Fetal position. Limbs curled around the body to protect it from imminent danger. For cyclist F. Casartelli, it was the last position, a dying position. "
The publication Lic-Hamo by Degann is an experiment in which the eponymous project by the artist is translated into the form of printed matter. 'Lic-Hamo' bridges the thin line between value and worthlessness and emphasizes the importance of stories to bring still moments to life.